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In honour of getting into the theme of Secrets, I thought I would bring something fun back. I use to have an Ask QueenBD section on my previous blog a few years ago. (When I went under the alias of QueenBD on my old site BabyDollKissez)

Well! I’m bringing it back. Here you can AskLex anything. Now please note I am not Oprah, but I am Alexia ;) and a problem shared is a problem halved. Here you can anonymously ask any relationship or life problem and we will discuss and try and give you advice to your dilemma. Currently, I am loving the amazing new social media app Periscope so will either reply live there or here on my blog. You will remain anonymous unless you ask to be mentioned. Use the form below to #AskLex anything!

If you haven’t already add me on Periscope /IamAlexiaLewis. Talk to you later x


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