Cover Reveal!!

Yesssss! I am happy to reveal the cover of the first baby being released! The cover for the prequel of Deadly Family Secrets, Revenge, Nothing Sweeter. I am in LOVE with it and it has been killing me to keep it a secret (shameless plug) so here it is! The short read will be available shortly as an ebook download in the running to release of book ‘Deadly Family Secrets’. Take a look below and tell me what you think?


Send all books to new Kindle

Soooo today I finally got around to setting up my new Kindle Paperwhite. Yay for me! Yes I know from Christmas until now that’s terrible right? Well I’ve been busy and writing but better late than never and today was the day.
I finally took it out of the box and had a good gander. Everything looked good and was going great, until I had to load my books. I already own a Kindle that I cling to and use daily. As you can see she’s old and has some scratches but that’s just character.


I was really excited to finally getting around to using my latest device. Imagine my horror to discover that I have to transfer 200+ books from my original Kindle to my new Paperwhite MANUALLY like oh my goodness! What? *breathe* In all fairness it did only take around 20minutes downloading them from Amazon Cloud (with multiple tabs open.) However this led me to wonder why on earth Kindle who are suppose to be the Madonna of all e-readers still do not have a ‘transfer all’ to Kindle selection? Or even check points beside each book in your ‘manage your Kindle’ section so that you can select multiple items at once to transfer. Like why?


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