Goodreads Reading Challenge

gr So as you all know as well as being a writer I am an avid reader and love to support other authors. I am very active on and love finding new books I can sink my teeth into to satisfy my reading addiction. Each year Goodreads gives users the option to participate in a Goodreads reading challenge, which enables users to set a target/prediction of how many books they would like to read during the year.

I never normally set the challenge as I often forget to update all the books I have read. Last year I remembered to and was successful to complete my challenge of 30 books. (I passed with flying colours I’ll have you know. ;)) This number did not reflect all the books I read during the year such as non fictions, audio-books, business related and other random books I love to read, but would never reveal lol. However it did reflect new reads, books I enjoyed and remembered to add to the challenge.


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