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Nothing in This Book is True by Bob Frissell

So this weekend I have been reading this gem. Nothing in This Book Is True, But It’s Exactly How Things Are by Bob Frissell. I have been wanting to read this book for the longest so was excited to finally delve in. See below for my review:

Nothing in this book is true. Bob Frissell

A true gem indeed. This displays a very, very truncated version which could be hard to follow if this is your first introduction to your conscious awakening but hopefully a spark that will lead you to go deeper.

God Help The Child – Toni Morrison

So darlings this weekend I have been reading Toni Morrison’s new book God Help The Child. I was so excited when this book came through the post. It did not take me long at all to finish this beauty see below my review:


Reading a Toni Morrison book is like drinking a hot cup of tea. It cannot be rushed you are forced to sip slow, to savour and enjoy each moment. Toni has a way of delicately peeling back layer after layer like a rose to uncover her intricate stories. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The foundations of a child are so crucial to how they will develop and behave in their adult life. What issues they may have, how they will deal with others. Whether they will be able to love or accept love. How they will view the world. God Help the Child was a 5 star read.


What’s on the nightstand?

So this came in the post on Saturday, hot off the press from one of my favs! I almost didn’t want to leave for Nottingham, (but had to, to help prep & attend my aunties bridal party lol.) I read the first few pages before leaving and was instantly drawn in true Toni Morrison style and was unable to put it down. Glad I’m back home so I can continue this treasure, it’s already managed to captivate me. Nothing better than hot redbush Tea & and a great read. I’m sure you can guess I’ll be M.I.A for the next couple of hours.




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