This afternoon was signing even more packs for some very special Queen’s! ☺️?✨

I take nothing for granted & I am grateful

(Side note; signed books available for order here)

It truly warms my heart when I hear how Mondays Are For Queens has helped so many of you. I loved seeing how thumbed through your copies are, highlighted, scribbled & noted on, enjoyed, used, EXPERIENCED. You have no idea. ?

I chuckle when I hear your fav motivations because for every single motivation I can tell you EXACTLY what was going on that week. ?? What coworker was testing my patience, what family member I wanted to strangle, what had me laughing until my gut was hurting, what had me crying & boohooing to my friends, what amazing opportunities had me paralysed in fear, but most importantly, as shared, through many a challenge/experience I learnt what life was TEACHING me at that time:








✨Courage and so much more.

It can be challenging being a Queen, when you are the go-to person your family/tribe/circle depend on for advice, love, answers. Who refills you when you go through…LIFE? Who motivates you when you need reassuring. Queens need refills too ? I had no idea my weekly check-ins to my family to motivate them and let them know I was “OK” through my dry humour of what I was experiencing would turn into this? Keep going Queen! Everything you experience is for a reason and you don’t know how your experiences will help others in time to come ✨????????


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