With her vivid imagination and knack for storytelling, 27 year old Alexia Lewis has always been one to keep her readers entertained. Hailing from the UK, Alexia discovered from an early age that writing was her passion and preferred outlet. Always talking a mile a minute she discovered early on that writing things down was the easiest way to be understood. At school she would often fill her textbooks with song lyrics and short stories for her friends that she would pass around in class instead of Geography and Physics.

Honing her TV & radio presenting skills at college through studying media, she would later burst onto the blogosphere in 2008 as QueenBD. Alexia put her creativity to good use and created a lifestyle blog for women of colour, where she could blog until her hearts content whilst helping young women around the world with relationship, beauty and life advice with her AskQueenBD segments.

After a long hiatus due to her own life and finishing her Bachelor of Arts Entertainment Management degree, her passion for writing always remained and would always help her during any hard times she would face. She continued to write until she made the conscious decision that it was time to share her new works with the world once again.

When she’s not writing feverishly into the night, you can often find her behind the pages of a juicy book, watching Housewives marathons or forcing her friends to try her vegan recipes.

Alexia resides in Birmingham UK but loves travelling to the US to spend time with her family and exploring other corners of the globe whilst adding stamps to her passport.

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