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Lexy’s May Reads

Here are some of the reads I really enjoyed in the month of May. God literally took over my reading list last month lol I only had time for one Fiction Yinka Where is Your Huzband after reading the others (which I’m still currently reading and loving so far.) so I will give a proper review when complete.

P.S. The Kenneth Hagin was an old ebook that I didn’t even know I had on my Kindle but never got around to reading so not sure if you can still currently get this old gem in stores but I did find one online for you.

Plans Purposes & Pursuits by Kenneth E. Hagin

God can move mightily and powerfully when we are perfectly aligned with His plans, purposes, and pursuits for our lives. When we’re aligned, He will work through us, using us as conduit vessels. Anything else is going to feel like arduous hard toil, sweat, and tears because you’re literally striving on your own, deviating from His intended path for that particular season. Such a powerful gem on how to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit for fulfilling His plans and advancing His Kingdom here on earth.

The Seven Mountain Prophecy by Johnny Enlow

Whew! Who is on the Lord’s side, and who is ready for these end times? “The Seven Mountain Prophecy” by Johnny Enlow goes into deep depth about the 7 key Mountains/areas Christians need to rise up to bring about transformative change and reclaim our culture for Christ. Extremely powerful, insight and guidance on how to make a difference and build God’s Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven!

Money Won’t Make You Rich by Sunday Adelaja

A gem! It delved deep into the fact that true wealth goes far beyond money, focusing on purpose, impact, and aligning our values. Money alone does not equate to richness rather, true wealth comes to those who are already rich in spirit and soul. This book also provided many practical gems on how to align your financial decisions with your values and life priorities and maintain an abundance mindset for Kingdom. Loved it.

Yinka Where is Your Huzband? by Lizzie Damilola Blackburn

Only one fiction last month, guys! And I haven’t actually finished this read yet because, like I said God took over my reading list last month and had me reading the others, but……. Yinka Where is your Huzband? Loooool, Mate! I am only two chapters in, and already this book has had me cracking up with BELLY-LAUGHS this book is sooooo hilar- will deffo give a proper review when complete. Loving so far.


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