Fav Books

Some of my favourite books of all time (because really there would be way too many to list.) These books listed below hold special places in my heart. If a book is from a series, best believe although I may have listed the 1st book, I have read the entire series.

In no particular order:

Alexia’s Favourites Book Montage

Diva Diaries
She Who Shops
This Can't be Life
The Cartel
The List
The Alchemist
Millionaire Wives Club
Money Never Sleeps
The Power of Your Subconscious Mind
When My Soul Met A Thug
The 48 Laws of Power
The Richest Man in Babylon

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Alexia’s Faith-Favourites Book Montage

It's Good to Be Queen: Becoming as Bold, Gracious, and Wise as the Queen of Sheba
Talon of God
Chosen: Appointed for Favor, Destined for Greatness
The Power of a Praying Woman
God'fessions 2: Daily Confessions of God's Word and promises over your life volume two
God'fessions: Daily Confession of God's Word and Promises Over Your Life
God’Fessions 3
Your Road Map for Success: You Can Get There from Here

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