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Why I Stopped Writing My Urban Fiction and What’s Coming Next

Since giving my life to Christ, I’ve just realised the importance of completing my assignment in Him, being accountable for what I release, not being a lukewarm Christian, and truly using the gifts that He has given me to honour Him. I now understand that one of my main assignments is to bring people closer to Christ through my storytelling, and I don’t believe my first set of fiction books did that at all.

I’ve always operated in the office of the scribe. I just didn’t understand what that meant in Christ and why or how I was supposed to use these gifts. I didn’t understand any of it, plus I was still in the world, so I wasn’t able to tap into where He was truly trying to take me. I just knew that for as long as I can remember I’ve always loved writing stories and would do so to entertain myself and others. That’s how it’s always been. I thought I was in control. That was until I had an encounter with God in July 2020. Guys, I was literally brought before Him in the throne room of Heaven. NO-LIE I thought I had died chile’  but I guess He just wanted to remind me that, this life is real, HE is REAL, and what’s coming is real, so get back to my assignment and help His people by telling more people about Him (a whole different blog post for another day) anywho.

I surrendered my life to Him and haven’t looked back since. Not by far has it been easy, He gave me some HUGE assignments straight out the gate, trusting me to write for others & His elect, taking me straight out of my comfort zone with topics that were new to me at the time. Things I would not have been able to do in my own strength. It was all Him. Guys I was sooo nervous! Then, slowly but surely, He began to teach me. I then began to understand my assignment as a Kingdom Scribe. For me, it’s not about writing what people want me to write (urban fiction), but more so about telling the stories He wants me to tell.

Through telling His story in a multitude of ways, I hope to ensure that His name spreads in the hearts of men through my witty and eccentric writing. God has given me so many more new books to write and so much new material to publish. That really, there is no space or place for the old. It doesn’t fit into what He is preparing me for.

If I had a £1 for every time someone asked me “What’s happening with Jade?? Is she going to kill Elestonia?? Are they going to find out who she is?? Is it his baby?? When’s the next Deadly Family Secrets out??”

I would be a very rich lady. In truth, I would actually CRINGE on the inside when people would ask me about Jade, because even back then, it’s like I knew in my innermost there was more that I could have been pouring into readers rather than just scandalous page-turning reads. I was grateful that people trusted me enough to want to transport into my fictional worlds to be entertained for however long and unwind, but it still felt like something was missing.

Back then I was more of a Christian ‘author’ rather than an author writing Christian fiction, and believe me, there is a difference. A huge one. Where does God get His glory?

Do you know that out of all of those page-turning scandals, not one of the characters believed in God? The only time they entered a Church was for a funeral, and even that ended in a shootout. Lukewarm at the most. They didn’t call on Him for anything. If they needed help, they’d take it into their own hands, violently and forcefully. Yes, they were entertaining, but God did not get the glory from those books.

Now stay with me now, because this doesn’t mean writing fiction going forward is going to be dry. Far from. It’s important for me to show that Christian fiction can be entertaining without it being boring, distasteful, or disrespectful. Christians are not perfect oh my gosh we’re far from perfect. If we were perfect we wouldn’t need Jesus but at the same time that doesn’t mean that the stories have to be outrageous and scandalous. Real lives, Real situations and a very Big God.

Are you boring? No Exactly.

Do you believe? Yes Exactly (Well I don’t know you personally, but I would hope that you do.)

But my point is, I bet you live a Real life filled with Real situations filled with a very big God. 

Listen, we all have a past, we’ve all been through some stuff, and God can use any part of anyone’s story as testimony to help someone else. Who knows, maybe one day He’ll tell me to go back to them, clean them up, and re-release them, but as of now… When I mentioned them, God changed the subject lol. I’m joking, but yeah, let’s just retire them for now.


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