So Are We Writing or What?

Are you tired of staring at a blank page, waiting for inspiration to strike? Look no further So Are We Writing or What? is the ultimate creative writing prompts journal for the writer that should be writing. So Are We Writing or What? isn’t just any old writing prompts journal – it’s a fun, witty, and out-of-the-box companion designed to help you blast through writer’s block and get excited to write again.

The fun interactive writing journal has writers blasting through writer’s block and developing healthy writing habits

Great for the writer, aspiring writer, wannabe’ writer, always wanted to write writer, or that friend or family member looking for a fun creative outlet. Loaded with over 120 multi-genre writing prompts! With story planning and character development tools, you’ll have everything you need to unleash your inner writer and create captivating stories.

So Are We Writing, or What? Grab your copy, and let’s start writing today!

  • Multi-Genre Writing Prompts
  • Questions to answer
  • Complete the story prompts
  • Free-writing pages
  • Story Planning & Character Development

Two New Hot Releases!

Already writing or have a specific genre that you love to write in? Why now try our niched editions? The Romance Writer edition & The Thriller Writer edition have joined the So Are We Writing or What? family. Grab yours now. Quick while stocks last!


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