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You can do all things, not by your strength but His

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. – Philippians 4:13 

When you stop rejecting where God is taking you, you can allow Him to blow your mind.

God is thrusting so many of us into positions we may not be ready for; things that we may not want to do, that He needs us to tend to, back to posts and platforms we’d abandoned in frustration of trying to do everything in our own strength. He needs His children, holding post in certain pockets of the world. Media, literature, beauty, fashion, corporate, finance, healthcare, EVERYWHERE. He needs us all up in there!

Possessing the land. Standing strong, Doing His Work through us.

I have to confess, He gave me a whole new series to write months ago that I’d been procrastinating on because of what it was, and I was thinking “I can’t do that!!” You sure you don’t want me to do something else? Loool but this week He reminded me. I can do this through his strength. It’s not me writing, but Him writing through me, and His stories need to be told. I just need to surrender and just let God do His work.

What have you been resisting that you need to surrender to? What is God calling you to do in this new season? I would love to hear below. I hope this encourages you to trust Him.


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